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Succession and Transition Planning: Successful family businesses clearly define, a timeline, expectations,  who is responsible for what, and who is responsible for sustaining the family business and the famiy legacy with accountability.


  •       Professional establishment of an advisory board:Take the guess-work out of creating an advisory board.  Forget the countless hours trying in vain to identify (and then recruit and then figure out how to pay) the right board members.  We will provide the structure and the professionals for a focused, effective advisory board, and we implement the process for you.


  • Leadership Development and Management Planning: We support family businesses to help build and maintain a robust entrepreneurial climate with both family and non-family.


  • Family Renewal and Education: We take a holistice approach with Family Businesses helping them understand they are more than the sum of their parts, and they exhibit unique behavior as a whole rather than the singular behavior of the Family system, the Business system, and the Ownership system.
  • Communication and Conflict Management: Family dynamics are complex and there is no one size fits all solution. Our facilitation helps build appropriate structures and guidelines that provide platforms to facilitate transparent dialogue and sustainability of the family buisness.
  • Coaching the Rising Generation: Building a Family Legacy requires determining what will be passed to the next generation, it is more than just financial resources.  


SKM Associates

SKM Associates Family Business Consultants exists to serve and assist family businesses as they build and preserve their family legacies.  We work with family enterprises and closely held businesses on issues such as succession planning, communication, board and family business structure development, family meetings, professional coaching and development, education, and business strategy

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What Is My Role In The Family Business?

A family enterprise has a very unique context. The family dynamics and the enterprise may at times leave one wondering, what role they are playing at a specific point in time? At times, they may be a Director, or a cousin, or a sibling, or a Shareholder, or an employee, or….. 


Many family businesses that succeed from generation to generation have one thing in common: strong governance structures.  Too many family businesses fail to put governance structures in place.  The reasons are countless: leaders are too busy running the business; not having a good understanding of what governance structures are needed; belief that “my family is different” or “we don’t need that formality.”  Put simply, family governance means putting structures and processes in place to set up the business and the family for long-term success.  


Whether your business is in the first generation or the fifth, it’s not too late.  Some organizations create a formal family charter in working through these issues.  Some families start by scratching out their ideas on the back of a napkin.  Whatever the format, these basic structures can help set up your family business to thrive for generations to come.  We have walked alongside families considering what governance structures they need and facilitated the hard work of designing and implementing these structures.  


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20 Questions: Practical Checklists For Business Families

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"From his years of experience both working in family businesses and consulting to family businesses, Steve has a wealth of practical wisdom and insight to share. May the treasure trove of practical suggestions, which he and Aaron share in this book, bless your family and its business."
           Melissa Mitchell-Blitch, MS, MA; 
           Family Business and Executive Coach; 
           Founder of Eredita, LLC
"The authors use a series of very perceptive questions to tease out the differing views of members of a family business and also clearly explain the purpose of these questions. I would highly recommend this book to the leaders and members of all  family businesses."
          Frederick D . Lipman, author of The Family Business Guide (Palgrave Macmillan 2010)