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SKM Associates

SKM Associates LLC and the Network of Family Businesses exists to serve and assist family businesses as they build and preserve their family legacies.  We work with family enterprises and closely held businesses on issues such as succession planning, communication, board and family business structure development, professional coaching and development, education, and business strategy


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 A Competitive Advantage for a Business Family – Trust

To build a solid trusting relationship requires Time, Intentionality, and Proximity. Remember the ‘TIP’.

Take the quiz:

How do others view my trustworthiness?

            - Do I do what is right – at any cost?

            - Do I look out for the best interest of others?

            - Do I support and build-up others?

            - Do I show and give respect to others?

            - Do I act consistently with my values?     

How do I communicate my trustworthiness?

            - Am I responsible for the outcomes of my actions?

            - Am I open and transparent in my communications?

            - Am I counted on when I give my word?

            - Am I consistent in doing what I say I will do?

            - Am I sure my motives are pure and genuine?

By building a culture of trustworthiness in our family and our business, we will have a competitive edge.

As a Business Family cultivating trust is critical. 

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